Reading, learning and your child aged 5+

Top Reads

Help your child discover the best books out there, whether they’re new to reading alone or confident reading. Chapter books are great too for reading with your child at bedtime. Check our online catalogue.

Summer Reading Challenge

Every summer we offer a Summer Reading Challenge to keep children aged 4-11 in the reading habit over the long summer break. Although it’s called a “challenge”, we put the emphasis on reading for fun. Children are asked to read six books in return for mini-prizes, a medal, certificate and the chance to win a special prize. Parents and carers can help their child by encouraging them to take part and be positive about their child’s reading. You can find out more about the Challenge at

Each year there is a different theme, and 2017’s is Animal Agents. Look out for more information as summer approaches.

School Class Visits to the Library

Your child may well come to the library with their school class. They get a separate class ticket (in addition to their home ticket) and we encourage children to take home the books they choose. They’ll have a story or a poem linked with the curriculum and we encourage children to talk about what they hear. We also offer schools a programme of library skills to improve your child’s confidence at finding what they need in the library and to discover more about the history of their community.

Homework Clubs

Every library has a Homework Club night. We can’t tutor your child but we can help them develop their own skills and confidence to get their homework done. Our staff can also do one-to-one reading support. Fore more information, click here.

Web Access and Gaming

As well as for homework, the web’s about fun and staying in touch and your child can book time to use it for free. Don’t worry – they can only use it without your supervision if you give permission and we operate strong policies to ensure your child is as safe as possible. For fun, we offer children the chance to play PlayStation games appropriate to their age, either by themselves or with a friend.