Babies and toddlers

Baby Bounce and Under 5s

Join in our lively and friendly rhyme, song and story sessions for babies and older pre-schoolers – they’re great for discovering just how fun reading can be! Your toddler can enjoy some great storytelling and join in singing songs. It’s a great way to develop your child’s reading before they go to school! Find out where and when they are by clicking here.

Not sure which books will be sure-fire winners with your child? How about learning some nursery rhymes words and actions too? Click on these links for Stories and Rhymes to find out more.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like “My baby is one month old. How on earth can any books be useful to them?” or “I never seem to have the time to read with my child”? Yes? Then let us give you some tips on sharing books with your baby or toddler. Click here to find out how to enjoy reading with your child.

Saturday Morning Under 5s Story Time

Dads, granddads and uncles! Storytelling is a great way to connect with the kids in your family!
Lewis Carroll Library,  166 Copenhagen Street, N1 0ST. First Saturday of the month at 11.30am.

Toy LibrariesToyLib

The right toy can help grow your child’s imagination, skills and confidence. We have three toy libraries where you can borrow toys for free! Find out more here.

Baby’s First Ticket

Library Baby Membership card_Page_1If your baby was born in Islington, pick up a pack with your baby’s very first library ticket when you register their birth at the Town Hall. It comes with tips on the value of reading, ideas for books, a free black and white high-contrast booklet your new-born will love and details of our rhyme times. If you live in Islington but you registered the birth elsewhere, speak to your Islington Children’s Centre about getting your pack.

1Dual Language Books for Families Where Other Languages Are Spoken at Home

If you speak another language as well as English at home with your child, our libraries have collections of at least 5 of the main languages in your area. These are picture books and board books with the text in English and another language. This is a great way to share stories together and to connect your child with their cultural heritage plus to improve their reading in English. See which languages we have at which library on this list.


Bookstart encourages parents to enjoy books with your child from as earlyBear an age as possible by gifting free books to all children at two key ages before they start school, to inspire a love of reading that will give children a flying start in life. Bookstart gifts free book packs to every child in England.

Find out more about how to collect your free Bookstart packs here! We have a few spare ones in the library if you missed out on yours.

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