Reading and Learning for Children


Whether it’s discovering their first words, reading for school or simply reading for pleasure and relaxation, reading is a skill that will help your child as they grow throughout their lifetime. Find out about activities and events that you and your child can enjoy – rhyme times, toy libraries, summer reading challenges, holiday events, homework clubs plus book ideas for whatever your child’s age or interests.

Children with letters spelling 'read'

Your baby and toddler - including dual language picture and board books

Get your child into reading early. Discover fun and free activities, toy libraries, events and books to share - including dual language picture books and board books in English with other languages

Your child aged 5+ - including Reading Challenges and homework support

Help your child discover a world of exciting stories to share with you or to read on their own. Discover how we offer homework support and about our LEGO Club. Find out how we support your child’s education through our work with schools. Also, see what children's magazines we take in our libraries.

How you can help your child

Find out how you can help your child, get some ideas for great books to read plus discover what we offer childminders and foster carers